Welcome to Ramtilak Roller Flour Mills Pvt. Ltd.

In 1970, as India was expanding its wings towards newer horizons, the need to change the food industry was realised by business tycoons and think tanks. With the thought of contributing to the national growth, the current management team, which was then in the trading business of wheat flour and its products, took their first step in the manufacturing of food products. And hence the journey of creating quality oriented food product was begun.

The company RAMTILAK ROLLER FLOUR MILLS PVT LTD was taken over in 1994 by the visionaries of the current management heads. Today, the company strategically located in Chakan is poised to become the leader in the food product segment.


We want to be one stop shop for all food products need of a consumer. Our product should not be limited to just commercial boundaries but our product should reflect the good values and deeds of a true Indian citizen.

We want to become part of our consumer’s day to day life. With a strong focus on quality and products with right pricing, we want to reach every house hold of India. With zest and zeal to progress, we aim to be the leading exporter of food products in the global market.
1) Vinod Shah :- B.Com. Vast Experience in Sales and Planning / Executing New Projects, he is the man of great dedication and vision to take company on a new horizon.
2) Satish Shah :- B.Com Vast Experience in Sales and Execution of Current Projects. Innovative and man of perfect planning and action.
3) Pankaj Shah :- Engg By Profession, Production Technology. Masters in Adminsitration, Continuous Research and Development in Production, Back Office Managements, After Sales Service using latest and update technology to its optimum use. A strong pillar of the company with a capacity to handle multi-tasking jobs.
4) Ashish Shah :- Masters in Sales and Customer Relations.  B.Com. Reaching the customers and searching for the new market are just some of his strong edges. As a head of the institutional sales department, his strategies and planning has given company many prestigious names on its client list.
5) Anup Shah :- B.Com.  & Masters in Sales and Customer Relations, he is leading the sales team in the retail segment. Dynamic thinker and zest for success, his hard work has helped company in penetrating the highly competitive retail market.
6) Paresh Shah :- B.PHARMACY, Technical and Chemical Expert in Product quality, Overall Hygienic Environment and fine details of the Products. A man with impeccable flair for hi-standard quality and its process.
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