Quality Control Procedure

Wheat comes with different parameters sourcing from different states and different soils. With stringent process parameters we maintain the wheat blending according to the quality of finished products required by the customer. We change the blending procedures time to time as per natural seasons and required parameters by customers. We have an in-house Lab headed by an experienced Chemist who carries this test and suggest the Miller further actions.

We believe that quality is an ongoing process; we have developed stringent quality parameters to assure high standard products to our customers.
Quality testing at various stages are
Wheat Procurement
  • Sampling
  • Unloading
  • Moisture check
  • Visual inspection by miller
  • Dry Moisture Testing
  • Specific (hector litre weight)
  • Refraction
  • Impurities %
  • Sedimentation Value
  • Falling Number
  • Glutien ( Wet & Dry Basis )
Blending Checks
  • Blended wheat moisture, sedimentation & glutien
  • Moisture addition in blended wheat
Finish Product Testing
  • Moisture water absorption (WAP )%
  • Ash Content
  • Acid Insoluble Ash
  • Sedimentation
  • Granulity
  • Alcoholic acidity
  • Bread Testing
  • Falling number
  • Peacker Test
  • Maltose Test
  • CCL4 Testing
1st Break Wheat
  • Release of product
  • Granulity / Master Sample Mapping
  • Color Testing
  • Roti Making
Chakki Atta
  • Moisture Water Absorption
  • Ash Content, Starch Damage
  • Granulity , Peaker Testing
  • Roti Making for practical testing
  • Moisture Water Absorption
  • Ash Content, Starch Damage
Warehouse Sampling
  • Random Sampling for quality check
Packing and weight Check
  • Individual package checking for leakage and for weight accuracy
Product Loading and Dispatch
  • Vehicle cleanliness
  • Packaging check
  • Final completion report prepared for maintaining records
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